same small

ISBN: 9781925139266

Release: 1 July 2015

Size: 216 by 216 mm

Written by: Katrina Roe
Illustrated by: Jemima Trappel

When Uncle Charlie comes to visit, Ivy keeps her distance. He seems different from other people she knows. Can Uncle Charlie find a way to show her that he is not so different after all?

Same is a touching true story about love, acceptance and finding common ground.

"Same is a heartfelt and powerful book which makes important themes - bravery, compassion, acceptance - accessible to young readers." - Jack Heath, Author, The Cut Out and Countdown to Danger.

Katrina Roe’s debut children’s book Marty’s Nut-Free Party was shortlised in the Speech Pathology and CALEB awards. Same helps a child relate to what is actually the same, in someone who seems so different.

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