By Lynne Burgess

aincsmThis book provides a simple family night activity program to help you and your children bond, grow and reach their dreams. Use this tool book of 40 activities to bring your family closer in a practical way!

Lynne and Chris Burgess have done two great things. They have raised a large family rather well, and they have found a simple family ritual which helps parents to proactively teach and learn with their children about the things that matter. In an age when most families let the consumer culture roll over them, Lynne and Chris took a stand and figured out how to give their kids confidence, dreams, and a place to be themselves. They claimed back one bit of the week to really be a family, to listen, share and appreciate. The results can be repeated by anyone with a bit of gumption and a desire to connect with their children and keep that connection for life.
Steve Biddulph, author of Raising Boys

This book is an inspiration demonstrating how important family life is, it is important to give your family roots and wings. Warmest congratulations on having written such a spendid book about your family night.
Dame Elisabeth Murdoch

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All-In Night by Lynne Burgess

If you are serious about helping your children discover their gifts and abilities, equipping them to face future challenges, and encouraging them to internalise good values and morals, look no further than All-In Night. In this unique book, Lynne Burgess describes how she and her husband Chris took proactive parenting to a whole new level! For more than 15 years, Lynne and Chris set aside Monday nights as their 'all-in night' which provided them with an opportunity to discuss (and put into practice) important topics with their five children. All-In Night is a collection of 40 topics covered by the Burgess's, including kindness, giving, delayed gratification, managing anger, encouragement, bullying, learning to apologise, compassion and learning from mistakes. The book is designed so that you, too, can proactively delve into an important topic every week with your own children. Topics are presented in no particular order, allowing the freedom of selecting a topic relevant to your family at the time.

I was very excited to read All-In Night. I was particularly impressed with the diversity of topics covered in the book, some of which I had never known how to broach before. I am now looking forward to implementing an 'all-in night' with my own family! The principle of an 'all-in night' requires just a small amount of time and discipline each week ... but the benefits of an 'all-in night' will last a lifetime. All-In Night is proactive parenting at its best.

Book Review by Lisa Limbrick