kerrytownsendKerry Townsend, owner and Director of Mothers Toolkit, public speaker, creator of ‘Life Balance Magnets’ and published author of the Mothers Toolkit series including ‘FREE Your Time', ‘Mother's Essential Personal Toolkit' and Mother's Essential Romance Toolkit'.

The author is a life coach that specialises in helping mothers from all walks of life. Kerry is a wife and mother that understands the challenges of juggling family and career, and the importance of life balance to maintain health and sanity.

Kerry had her first child at 39 and was completely unprepared for the dramatic change in her life as a new mum. Kerry found herself going from being a confident and competent businesswoman to feeling like a fish out of water. Put bluntly, she was overwhelmed.

About six months after the birth of her daughter Kerry looked objectively at her situation and realised her life was dramatically out of balance. She had become all-consumed by trying to be a perfect mother by day, and late at night she'd try to gain her sanity by getting lost in her computer, zone out from her responsibilities, and absorb herself in a world where she felt comfortable because she was in control, opposed to her daily uncertainty. As a result, not only was she neglecting herself, she was neglecting her husband and her family and friends as well.

After unsuccessfully trying to seek answers elsewhere, Kerry decided to draw on her own background and determine tips, tools and techniques to overcome her challenges, achieve life balance and create the life she wants.

The strong desire to be a good example for her daughter, her ongoing aspiration to maintain life balance, and the wish to be a positive influence in the lives of many mums so they can be content and raise happy, fulfilled families is the inspiration behind Mother's Toolkit philosophy, products and resources. offers work life balance support for mums with tips, tools & techniques via books, eBooks, products and resources, helping mums manage time effectively to achieve work life balance and create the life you want.

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