roseinserraRose Inserra is an internationally published author of over sixty children's books on topics ranging from library resource books to fiction and picture books. She lives in Melbourne and is passionate about wildlife and taking care of all animals.



Her farm is home to wombats, echidnas, kangaroos, all types of birds, amphibians and reptiles. She's found frogs in the toilet and redback spiders inside her computer bag – all great ideas for her next book!

Rose was inspired to write Annabelle and the Missing Turtles, the third Australian Girl book, because of her commitment to animal welfare and, as a teacher, wanted to raise awareness of habitat loss and endangered species in Australia to young people.

Rose has been listed in 'Notable Australian Children's Books' and the 'Environment Award for Children's Literature in Australia'.

When she is not writing books, Rose runs writing workshops, travels to writing conferences and inspires people to write their books as a writing coach and editor.