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A Letter to Our Young Wombat Readers

Dear Wombat Readers,

Here at Wombat Books, we love to see children getting involved in the creation of the books they like to read. We’re currently running two challenges for you to inspire your author and illustrator creativity.

Why not have children creating children’s books?

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This was the idea that sparked our first Illustration Challenge in 2014, which produced the book, Zoo Ball, written by Aleesah Darlison. Kids from across Australia adored bringing to life a mischievous visit to the zoo and the ruckus the animals managed to get up to. This was followed shortly in 2016 by Yay! It’s Library Day, written by Aleesah Darlison, which inspired kids to jump into the magical world of libraries in their illustrations. We received over 600 entries!!!

Now we’re running our third Illustration Challenge, Around Australia in 30 Places.We hope Aussie kids can get even more creative as they explore marvellous places around their country.

"The Illustration Challenge began as my fledgling idea to involve children in the world of publishing and have children’s work featured in children’s books,” says Rochelle Manners, Publishing Director.

But that’s not it! Wombat Books has also opened a Kids Writing Competition for the Australian Girl Series.

We're seeking original short stories from school-aged students (aged 5 - 13) to publish in the Australian Girl series, in partnership with Australian Girl Doll. The previous books in the series include The Rainbow Necklace, by Jacqueline Larsen, Amy and the Wilpena Flood, by Claudia Bouma and Annabelle and the Missing Turtles, by Rose Inserra. Submissions are open for new titles where children's stories will be included in the new books.

Wombat Books has established these competitions to provide aspiring young artists with the opportunity to be published.

Young illustrators and writers from all around Australia are encouraged to send their entries to Wombat Books. We can’t wait to read your stories and see your illustrations.


Warm regards,

The Wombat Team

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