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Aussie kids wheeze their way through winter

One in ten Australian children are affected by asthma.

A fun new children’s book is helping families manage their asthma more effectively.

When children’s author Katrina’s Roe’s eldest daughter was just a toddler, winter was a difficult time. She would cough every night, often until she vomited. “We would go to the doctor totally sleep deprived and beg for a solution. The doctor would eventually prescribe an oral steroid. After a few days of medication the cough would subside, only to reoccur a few weeks later. This cycle continued until she was eventually diagnosed with asthma.”

Speaking at the launch of Katrina’s new book Emily Eases Her Wheezes, NSW Asthma Foundation CEO Michele Goldman confirmed her experience was a common one. “Childhood asthma can be quite difficult to diagnose. It often presents as a persistent cough that gets worse at night.”

Asthma remains a common reason for children presenting at hospital emergency departments. Winter can be a difficult time for parents and children with asthma, due to the prevalence of colds and flu, and the effect of cold air on sensitive airways. However, the triggers can be different for every child.

Emily Eases Her Wheezes is a beautiful new children’s picture book that helps children recognise the symptoms of, and triggers for, their asthma.  It was recently listed as a ‘Notable Book’ in the 2015 Children’s Book Council Book of the Year Awards.

With Notes for Parents and Carers by Professor Peter van Asperen from The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, this book is a great resource for schools, day care centres and pre-schools. As the parent of a child with severe asthma, author Katrina Roe wants to reassure children that they can enjoy a healthy, active life with asthma.

According to Professor van Asperen, “The aim of asthma management is to help the child lead a normal lifestyle, free of both asthma symptoms and medication side effects. While asthma is common, effective treatment is available, and children can lead a normal life despite their asthma.”

Author Katrina Roe is available to speak about:

  • Her experiences as the mother of a child with persistent asthma
  • Many early hospital trips with her daughter’s asthma including one perilous time
  • The difficulties of diagnosing asthma in small children
  • Learning to recognise the symptoms of asthma
  • Learning to recognise her daughter’s triggers for asthma
  • The importance of helping children stay active in spite of asthma
  • Teasing and bullying in the playground associated with asthma

About the Author

Katrina Roe is an author and radio presenter. Most recently she was host of the morning show on Sydney’s Hope 103.2 radio (www.hope1032.com.au) before going on maternity leave to have her third baby.

Emily Eases Her Wheezes is Katrina’s second picture book. It was listed as a Notable Book in the recent 2015 CBCA Book of the Year Awards. It is a companion book toMarty’s Nut-Free Party, which was shortlisted for the Speech Pathology Book of the Year Awards. Her third book, Same, a true story about her brother, who has cerebral palsy, is also about to be published by Wombat Books.

Katrina lives in Sydney with her three young daughters and her husband Chris, who is an Executive Producer with NITV news.

Katrina Roe is available for interviews by phone or in Sydney studios.

You can contact Katrina by

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 0412 425 745

Website: www.Katrinaroe.com

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