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International Book Giving Day

By Debra Tidball, Author of When I See Grandma

book boOn International Book Giving Day I like to use the opportunity to take books into places that aren't usually considered child-friendly.

Book Giving Day has, at its core, the desire to increase children’s access to and enthusiasm for books. It’s about encouraging people to give a book to a child or leave a book where a child might pick it up and read it. You can follow how other people are celebrating book giving day by checking out their website and following their blog. You’ll also find a long list of people throughout the world who are getting behind this initiative, including Australia’s very own Andy Griffiths, Mem Fox and Jackie French.

My picture book, When I See Grandma, is written to encourage families with young children to visit their elderly friends and relatives in aged-care homes. The book shows young children interacting with elderly residents, and even reading books together! And although a resident may seem unresponsive, the children's presence brings a warmth and vitality that transcend consciousness.

That's why on International Book Giving Day, I gift picture books to aged-care homes in the hope that children will be able to share the books with residents. As well as to have something to enjoy when waiting for their grown-ups, who sometimes have jobs to do which can make the visit feel p-r-o-l-o-n-g-e-d for a young child

As February 14th is also Valentine’s Day, I’ve bundled my book gift into a bouquet. Gifting the books is my way of simultaneously honouring: 1. the spirit of When I See Grandma, 2. my mother, to whom the book is dedicated, and 3. International Book Giving Day.

How are you going to be involved?

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