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Meet Illustration Challenge Winner: Anna Rose

Anna Rose1. Tell us about your image from Around Australia in 30 Places.

With my image I wanted to be a little creative and out of the ordinary by using animals as the tourists/visitors to the Flinders Ranges. I enjoyed illustrating the camel race and even added in an emu for a bit of fun. I used bright and dusty colours with water colour paints to create what I believe the Flinders Ranges would look like. I also included some native Australian plants such as the Sturt Desert Pea. I hope that the readers of the book enjoy my colourful and fun artwork.

2. If you could travel anywhere in Australia where would it be?

I love going to Queensland or New South Wales. I love swimming in the ocean at both of these destinations. I enjoy relaxing in the warm weather in Queensland and seeing my Aunty and cousins in Sydney.

3. What would be your No.1 travel tip?

My number one travel tip would be to always have a notebook and pen or pencil with you wherever you go. Then you can record your ideas, thoughts and experiences to remember in the future. You can create drawings if you have nothing else to do.

4. What’s something you can’t live without in your suitcase

I can't live with out my special dog puppet soft toy that travels with my whenever I go on holiday!

Around Australia in 30 Places is available for pre-order now.

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