OliviaGoodmanOlivia is 10 years old and one of the young Aussie illustrators featured in Yay! It's Library Day. 

1. Tell us about your illustration for Yay! It's Library Day?

I used a mixture of watercolour paints, and coloured pencils to create my illustration. I looked up some pictures of the Isle of Capri, and tried to capture the blues of the water and the rocky coast.

2. What do you love about libraries?

The smell of books inspires me. I love how you can just go in and borrow any book you want. I discovered a lot of my favourite books at the library, and now I am lucky enought to own some of them for myself.

3. What is your favourite book?

The Sea of Adventure by Enid Blyton.

4. If you were sucked into a book, where would you want to visit? Or who?

I would like to get sucked into The Sea of Adventure and see the puffins and bird islands off Scotland. I'd love to go for an adventure with Jack, Phillip, Dinah and Lucy-Ann.


Olivia's illustration will be featured on Page 23 of Yay! It's Library Day. To see the full version, you can get your copy here.