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Our authors & illustrators look back on 2013

We've looked back on some of the exciting things that happened in 2013, and now it's our authors' and illustrators' turn to celebrate their greatest achievements for the year that was.

“My greatest achievement for 2013 was the publication of my two picture books, No Matter Who We’re With and Marlo Can Fly. Also, being an author has been, without a doubt, my greatest achievement, pride and inspiration. I couldn’t have done it without the love and support of my children.” – Robert Vescio, author of Marlo Can Fly.

"I think my greatest achievement this year was seeing two books published, marketing them, and managing to stay sane!" - Lynne Stringer, author of the Verindon Series including The Heir and The Crown.

"Publishing my first novel with Australia's greatest publisher: Wombat books in april this year. Even tops finding out my article "Inquiry teaching in elementary science: teacher's perspectives" will be published with the International journal of science education in 2014! Business just grows stronger and stronger. I'm really looking forward to doing some more school presentations, using magic and motivation to teach about bullying and finding your place in the world, all important issues from "the Tae'anaryn". Very excited, and so is my magical pet rabbit!" - Dr Joe Ireland, author of The Tae'anaryn.

"The publication of my first-ever children's book, Amy and the Wilpena Flood, was an amazing achievement in 2013." - Claudia Bouma, author of Amy and the Wilpena Flood.

"My greatest achievement is having a healthy baby girl on the way - due NYE!" - Shannon Melville, illustrator of Boondaburra, Coming Home, Little Good Wolf and Little Meerkat.

"For me it's the collection of small moments that form the most spectacular moments in my life. However in 2013 there was the exception of a rather memorable event! My husband and I were invited to London to speak at Soul Survivor, one of the largest youth conferences in the world. 30 000 gumboot wearing young people gathered, living in a city of tents for a few weeks. It was breathtaking!" - Renee Bennett, author of Imagine We Were.

"I married my best friend, the most wonderful man in the world :)" - Lisa Cox, author of Does my bum look big in this ad? and Media Muscle.

"There were so many fun and rewarding things that happened in 2013, I hardly know where to start. Probably my greatest achievements were releasing three new books: a picture book called Bearly There and two more books in my Unicorn Riders series. I also toured quite a few places including the mid-north coast of NSW, the south coast of NSW, Dubbo, Melbourne and Adelaide. Term 3 was a massive highlight because I was able to visit so many schools, libraries and preschools during ‘Book Month’, sharing my love of books and writing and getting kids excited about reading. As an author, I guess that’s what it’s all about. I wish everyone lots of luck in their endeavours for 2014." - Aleesah Darlison, author of Puggle's Problem, Little Good Wolf and Little Meerkat.

“What I would consider my greatest achievement of 2013 is, in reality, more of a collaboration. To work with an amazingly thoughtful and talented illustrator and be party to the process of breathing life into my manuscript with pictures, was nothing short of miraculous for me.” - Debra Tidball, author of When I See Grandma.

We congratulate ALL our authors and illustrators on their successes in 2013 and pray for many more in 2014!



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