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Read to Me! Please.

Read to Me! Please.

International Read to Me Day is tomorrow and to celebrate, our authors and illustrators share why reading to children is special to them.


Aleesah Darlisonauthor of Spider Iggy, Zoo Ball, Little Good Wolf, Little Meerkat and many more. 

"There’s something truly magical about books and sharing them with the ones you love. I have four children and we’ve always read to them from a very early age. My youngest is 20 months old, and even at this age, he looks forward to the books-before-bedtime routine – it’s become an important part of his day. His favourite books are Maisy, Spot, The Very Busy Spider and anything with animals in it."

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Katrina Roe, author of Same, Marty's Nut Free Party and Emily Eases her Wheezes. 

"Reading to a child is like being wrapped in a warm, snuggly blanket while a thunderstorm rages outside.  They will feel and experience many things - awe, wonder, delight, maybe even fear - but all in the safest, warmest place to be - snuggled into your lap.  Then when the book snaps shut, and you find yourself back in the real world, you will hear a little voice call out, 'Again!  Please, again!"


Deborah Kelly, author of Ruby Wishfingers: Skydancer's Escape. 

"When we read to a child we share so much more than the story, itself. We share our time, our undivided attention and a unique perspective on the world around us."


Debra Tidball, author of When I See Grandma. 

"The powerful effect of reading to a child stays with them forever. Not just in terms of literacy and learning, but of the intangibles like the emotional bonds and connections with others across time and space, of shared language and experience. This is why I am a supporter of International Read To Me Day."


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