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Submission dates for 2020

Early readers: 15th-30th of August 2020
Great stories with amazing protagonaists. To get an idea of an excellent series read Ruby Wishfingers by Deborah Kelly.
Middle fiction: All of October 2020
One or two protagonists, girls or boy, can be fantasy and contemporary. We will also consider science fiction. Middle fiction has no romance for us and nothing to do with sexuality. We jsut love to let kids be kids in our middle fiction. Friendship, family relationships, deep issues all encouraged.
Read to find out more:
We would love some stories aimed at boys.
Picture books: All of December 2020
We only publish about 4 picture books a year now so impress us! If you haven't read all our most recent ones we recommend you do. Ask for them in your library so you can get a full idea of what we have!
Young Adult (Rhiza Edge): August - October 2020
Find out more here: http://www.rhizaedge.com.au/
Books that move us, real teen issues - not necessarily Australian - but that make us think, move us and linger. Read the following:
The Courtyard Children (coming soon!)
Our submission form is here. But make sure you only submit what you are supposed to in the time frames!
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