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When I See Grandma


ISBN: 9781921632594

Price: NOW $14.99

Written by: Debra Tidball
Illustrated by: Leigh Hedstrom

Although seeing Grandma might sometimes be sad, the visits of a little girl and her brother brighten Grandma's dreams and bring warmth and laughter to residents of an aged care home.

A delightful insight into the transforming power of children and love to enjoy with your kids, grandkids or great-grandkids. Share the romance of the history with all the family.

$14.99 Hardback + $5 Shipping


Happy Pants


ISBN: 9781921632938

Price: NOW $14.99

Written by: Heather Gallagher
Illustrated by: Liz McGrath

When Mummy wears her happy pants we build sandcastles, go out for baby cinos and have lots and lots of cuddles. But when she comes home with baby Darcy, her happy pants stay in her wardrobe...

"Postnatal Depression effects 1 in 7 women. Happy Pants is a heartfelt way to help older children know that their mum's postnatal depression is not because of them, that dads are loving and caring, families can support each other and that mum will get better with help." - Belinda Horton, Chief Executive Officer, PANDA (Post & Antenatal Depression Association)

$14.99 Hardback + $5 Shipping


Coming Home

cominghomesmallISBN: 9781921633775

Price: NOW $14.95

Written by: Sharon McGuinness
Illustrated by: Shannon Melville

I wonder if it's dark and lonely in that other place ...

Gemma watches her dad as he sits alone in his tangled garden. She doesn't understand why he seems so sad.
Can she help her dad find his way home?

$14.99 Hardback + $5 Shipping


Possum Games


ISBN: 9781925139136

Price: NOW $9.99

Written by: Michelle Worthington
Illustrated by: Sandra Temple

 Late at night on a rusty tin roof, just near an old mango tree, the possums compete in games of skill and daring.

Riley has always wanted to join in. He tries running, but he's not very fast. Then shot-put, but he can't throw the mangoes very far. Even volleyball isn't his thing – the watermelon ends up spattered on the sand when he tries to catch it.

With the mangoes all gone and the trophies awarded, Riley sadly climbs back up his tree and dreams of better days. Until one particular noisy night, Riley discovers he has some amazing skills after all.

$9.99 Hardback + $5 Shipping


The Bear Said Please


ISBN: 9781921632945

Price: NOW $9.99

Written by: Jacque Duffy

An enjoyable but effective story for helping little ones learn the importance of good manners!

In this fun rhyming picture book, the bear wakes up with a growling tummy and thinks to himself 'I need some honey'. When he can't find any at home, he sets off in his car to find a hive.

But with hives come bees, and bear soon discovers it is much better to ask nicely than to take what isn't yours!

The story of a very hungry bear who discovers there's something he needs even more than honey – good manners! By Jacque Duffy, author of the That's not a ... series.

$9.99 Hardback + $5 Shipping


Marlo Can Fly


ISBN: 9781921632419

Price: NOW $9.99

Written by: Robert Vescio
Illustrated by: Sandra Temple

Just because you can, doesn't mean you need to or should.

Everyone expects Marlo to fly, but she would rather slither like a snake, hop like a kangaroo and swim like a crocodile. But when someone needs her help can she rise to the challenge?
A fun children's book, featuring Australian animals, that encourages children to explore and find their place in the world. 

$9.99 Hardback + $5 Shipping


boondaburraesISBN: 9781922074553

Price: NOW $9.99

Written by: Natalie Lonsdale
Illustrated by: Shannon Melville

Boondaburra is sad. Why do the other animals make fun of him just because he is different?

When tragedy strikes in the Australian bush, Boondaburra learns that being unique has its advantages.

Boondaburra is the story of a platypus’ journey from rejection to accepting and understanding his uniqueness, and the friends who come to accept and admire those differences.

$9.99 Hardback + $5 Shipping


Without Me?


ISBN: 9781921632532

Price: NOW $9.99

By: Kayleen West

Have you ever felt like running away? In Without Me? a small child resolves to runaway but minute-by-minute reasoning raises questions about the impact. Gradually reneging he begins a pied piper walk resulting in all he ran from joining him. A humorous story that confirms the message: we belong in family.

Much happens in a growing child's mind as they navigate their identity and process emotion. Without Me? introduces escapism and decision reasoning. It is a light-hearted story with an important message of security-belonging. Children will enjoy relating to being a small but significant part of a family.

$9.99 Hardback + $5 Shipping


Nerrilee's World

nerrileecoverISBN: 9780975232194

Price: NOW $5

Written by: Anne Hamilton
Illustrated by: Sandra Temple

Inspired and illustrated by renowned wildlife artist, Sandra Temple, this educational picture book features bright and beautiful watercolours and depicts a variety of Australian marine life.  Anne Hamilton's read-aloud text celebrates diversity and friendship in an engaging story of life under the sea with Nerrilee the mermaid.  Games and activities are hidden in Nerrilee's World, providing additional excitement and fun as 7- 8 year olds read it themselves or as it is read aloud to younger children (4 - 6 year olds.)

$5 Hardback + $5 Shipping


Annabelle and the Missing Turtles


ISBN: 9781921632389

Price: NOW $5

Written by: Rose Inserra

The sea turtles are disappearing from their habitat on the Queensland coast. It's up to the five friends to solve the mystery of where the turtles could have gone.

Perhaps someone or something has snatched them away. Thanks to their rainbow necklace, the girls are taken back in time and given some important information by a famous Australian explorer.

Can the girls save the day? With some clever advertising and a beach rescue only time will tel

$5 Paperback+ $5 Shipping