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Rhiza Press: Launch of new imprint for YA and Adult readers

Rhiza Press: Launch of new imprint for YA and Adult readers

Rhiza Press – Down-to-earth stories that connect

After 5 successful years publishing quality children's books, Wombat Books has expanded to include a new brand for young adult and adult readers.

Rhiza Press aims to publish exceptional stories and deliver fresh, family friendly titles in a wide variety of genres for all people who love books.

So why Rhiza Press? Rhiza is a greek word resembling or connected with a root.

"Our goal with this new brand is to grow from a strong foundation, both in our successes with Wombat Books and our passion for good stories. We want to reach the parents and young adults that have grown up reading our family-friendly stories," said Rochelle Manners, Director of Wombat Books and Rhiza Press.

"We are focused on our conversation with readers and our desire to publish what the readers really want. From talking with the parents who read our books to their children, we've seen a demand for adult books that are clean, family-friendly and don't contain overtly explicit content. But they still want the stories to be exceptional, relatable and inspirational."

Rhiza Press is focused on publishing books for predominantly ages 14 and above, including young adult fiction, adult fiction, biographies and non-fiction.

The starting line up of new releases include best-selling and award winning authors such as Rosanne Hawke, Dr Nick Hawkes, Andrea Grigg and Adele Jones.

Rhiza Press is currently calling for submissions for young adult and adult fiction and biographies. For more information visit www.rhizapress.com.au 

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How do you find hope when lifelong dreams are shattered?

How do you find hope when lifelong dreams are shattered?

The Celtic Stone, by Nick Hawkes is due for release on 1 November and you can win a copy!

Subscribe to our blog and leave us a comment with the name you subscribed with below to go into the draw!

This romantic adventure is centred on the wild, storm-battered islands of the Scottish Hebrides.

“I felt an instant resonance with this story. It reminds me of the adventure romances I devoured growing up. But it’s better, deeper, richer. It’s a lavish homecoming feast for heart, mind and soul. Tick, good clean romance. Tick, adventure. Tick, flawed heroes and even more flawed villains. Tick, mystery and intrigue. Tick, plot nicely tied up. Plus, surprise twists and unexpected connections. I loved it.” said multi-award winning author, Anne Hamilton.

Here’s a little of the story to whet your appetite:

Chris Norman's dreams of being a commercial pilot are shattered when he crashes his light plane in central Australia and is badly wounded. His life hangs in the balance, a balance that is swayed by the intervention of an aboriginal bushman bent on his own murderous mission. The bushman leaves Chris with a mysterious and incongruous legacy, a Celtic cross made of stone.

Partly blinded and in deep grief at no longer being able to fly, Chris finds his way to the inhospitable islands off the west coast of Scotland where he seeks to unravel the secrets of the Celtic stone.

A blind Hebridean woman, shunned by many in the local community, becomes his reluctant ally, along with a seven year old boy who is as wild as the storm tossed seas. Two other allies in the form of a game-keeper with his own dark secret, and an alcoholic writer with a love of sailing, introduce Chris to the culture of the islands.

It becomes apparent that the violence of the island's history has carried on into the present. Chris needs to recover from his grief, discover his identity... and avoid being murdered.

The author, Nick Hawkes, says, “Absolutely nothing beats a good story. The best of stories enrich us and become a strand in the fabric of who we are. I hope this is one of them.”

Nick’s life prepared him well to be a writer. He has lived in several countries and collected many an adventure. Along the way, he has earned degrees in both science and theology and has written books on both. Since then, he has turned his hand to novels, writing romantic thrillers that feed the soul.


The Celtic Stone is available in all good bookstores or buy online now.


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