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Multiple Award Winners at the US 2014 Literary Classics Awards.

Multiple Award Winners at the US 2014 Literary Classics Awards.

Four of our fantastic authors won awards at the 2014 Children's Literary Classics Awards. The international competition, run out of the US, was created to ‘honour excellence in children's and young adult literature, thereby encouraging a passion for reading while promoting education, imagination and character in young readers.’

Congratulations to all of the authors who have been acknowledged for their fantastic work, including:

Without Me by Kayleen West (Picture Book/Preschooler - Silver)

Firelight of Heaven, by Lizbeth Klein (Fantasy Fiction/YA - Silver)

The Heir, by Lynne Stringer (Science Fiction/YA - Silver)

Motive Games, by L.D. Taylor (Faith Based/YA - Silver)


All of these titles are available in bookstores, libraries or click on the links above to buy online now.

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Green Heart of the Forest: Bethloria Book #2

Green Heart of the Forest: Bethloria Book #2

A once in a lifetime adventure!

The first crystal has been found. Six more are scattered throughout the lands and Morgran's power is increasing.

Two brothers and an Elf girl uncover dark secrets that drive them into another perilous land in Book 2 of Lizbeth Klein's Bethloria series, Greenheart of the Forest. After arriving at Syone, the only sanctuary left in Bethloria, the young protagonists discover that it isn't as safe as everyone believes. In fact, they barely survive werewolf-like creatures that breach its walls in order to hunt them down.

"What I love about this series is the thread of mystery which runs through and, I assume, will not be revealed until the very end," writes fellow author, Paula Vince. "Readers are left wondering about the linage of the two brothers and their rightful heritage."

That's because it's a cobwebby tale set in a mystical world where magic rules. Nothing is straightforward; everything is hidden, and dangerous.

Joined by an elemental, the journey takes the trio to an abandoned, underground city infested with giant, flesh-eating arthropods. Escaping that danger, worse awaits when they are captured by an evil tyrant and taken to Wychwyre. Here they face their greatest challenges of faith, loyalty and friendship when they attempt to free the people from the tyrant's rule, return the elemental to her home-tree and seek the second lost crystal.

"Nothing is easy for my heroes," Lizbeth explains. "It's written like that because precious things in life often come with personal struggle and sacrifice. This is a story of overcoming hardships that anchor us to the mundane. It also explores the blossoming of teenage love with all its emotional complexities."

Lizbeth lives in Sydney in the Sutherland Shire with her husband, Malcolm. She spends six days a week tutoring primary and high school students. In between, she's off fighting dragons or inventing far away kingdoms.

Greenheart of the Forest is available in all good book stores or buy online now.

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An interview with Lizbeth Klein

An interview with Lizbeth Klein

Hi, I’m Lizbeth Klein and my dream is to hide away from the world in some cave where I can write in relative peace and quiet. I mostly write YA fantasy but I do enjoy mysteries and sci-fi, too. I live in Sydney with my husband, but I would love a forest change. 

Question 1: What is your favourite part about being an author?

Being able to create amazing worlds, incredible characters and great adventures.

Question 2: What is the hardest part about being an author?

The hardest part about being an author is finding the time to write when I’m not falling asleep at the keyboard. Working a split shift 6 days a week is really difficult. Holidays are precious and I seem to achieve a lot then.

Question 3: What do you do for fun?

Sadly, there’s not much time in between for fun at present, but I do like to grab a takeaway lunch and my poor neglected husband and I go and sit beside the sea. Then we might go for a walk or a drive. Watching a good movie is also fun. 

Question 4: What writing genre do you like to do the most?

The genre I prefer above others is YA fantasy.

Question 5: What do you consider your biggest achievement?

Getting published—finally! It always seemed out of reach, a bit like the moon.

Question 6: What is your favourite time to read?

Probably Sundays when I’m all alone.

Question 7: What book are you reading right now?

Trying to get through The Hobbit again. Really enjoy Tolkein.


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Corruption, secret identities and a world overtaken by magic

Corruption, secret identities and a world overtaken by magic

The first book in the Bethloria fantasy series, Firelight of Heaven has just been released and you can win a copy!

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Firelight of Heaven is the first book in a series of fantasy adventure novels. Two brothers are forced to make a perilous journey over the forbidden mountain. They soon discover that things are eerily different on the other side. It is a gripping story of loss, elusive destinies and painful discoveries. It explores the resilience of the human spirit under intense pressures and how faith underpins their ultimate success.

Firelight of Heaven is a thoroughly mystifying, sinister glimpse into a world overtaken by magic. Nothing is free from its stranglehold. Two brothers share secret identities where the painful truth is buried in their past. This debut novel by Lizbeth Klein explores the terrible consequences of magic.

“There are always some mysterious leads to keep us enthralled,” said author Paula Vince. “One of the mysteries is revealed at the end of this book while others are left dangling, to tantalise us to read the sequels. It begins and ends with exciting events, and the middle sections are fast paced enough to keep us turning the pages too. It’s all really good.”

Check out the Book Trailer:

Firelight of Heaven is available in all good book stores or buy online now.


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