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Resilience and research with Penny Jaye

Penny Jaye 2017 largeCan you tell us a little bit about yourself and how long you've been in the industry?

I've been writing for children for almost 20 years now and have more than that number of books in print (writing as both Penny Reeve and Penny Jaye). I write picture books, children's non-fiction and YA novels, and love not having to stay in one box with my writing. When I'm not writing I like reading, admiring a glorious sunset, spending time with my family and pretending I can garden.

Describe your typical work desk.

My desk is an antique leather-topped desk my husband bought me as a gift. It's lovely, but more often than not appears rather cluttered. I usually have a stack of papers to the left (my current WIP), two rows of books against the wall (one for study, the other a moderate 'to-read' pile) and a space for pens, mouse and a cuppa to the right.

Does writing energise or exhaust you?

Can I say both? Creating, writing and even editing can be a real treat, but long slogs at the desk also wear out my brain. I need to refresh regularly.

Do you find characters in your research, or do you research around your characters?

I often start with a notion of a character in my imagination long before the research allows me to know them. It's my curiosity about their story that drives the research: all the wonderings about who and why they are.

When writing on challenging topics, how do you keep yourself grounded?

By taking care not to let the difficult stories be all I think about. This can be especially challenging when the topic area demands hours, week or even years of research. But I find I have to pace myself and take care of mental health. I need to let my mind dwell on other things when I'm writing the tough stories. I need to deliberarely seek out joyous things, beautiful things, stories with happy endings.

Do you hide any secrets in your books, or like to lay everything out in the open?

I'm not sure I deliberately hide 'secrets', but often there are little details I'll include that mean a lot to me but will probably go under the radar for most readers. It's usually got to do with characterisation.

Describe your panel and workshop for the Wombat Books conference.

My workshop will explore how good research contributes to the construction of authentic storytelling. We'll discuss the pitfalls and difficulties of thorough research, as well as workshopping our WIP (work-in-progress) for research priorities, angles and appropriate strategies. I'll also be participating in a panel on resilience for writers, and am excited about sharing some of my coping strategies for writing with longterm goals/dreams in mind.

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