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An interview with Lynne Stringer

An interview with Lynne Stringer

Lynne Stringer has been passionate about writing all her life, beginning with short stories in her primary school days. She began writing professionally as a journalist and was the editor of a small newspaper (later magazine) for seven years, before turning her hand to screenplay writing and novels. Lynne currently works as a professional editor and proofreader. She lives in Brisbane, Australia, with her husband and young son. 

Question 1: What was the first story you ever wrote and has it been published?

The first story I ever wrote was called Goldie the Pony. I was about eight years old at the time. It was written out by hand, with drawings, and I stapled it together to make a book. I don’t really think it was suitable for publication! :-)

Question 2: What was your first book published?

The first book I had published was The Heir, book one of the Verindon trilogy. It was published on 1st June 2013. Book two, The Crown, is due out in November 2013.

Question 3: What is your favourite part about being an author?

I like seeing people react positively to my story. There’s nothing more exciting than to have someone contact me and say, ‘I loved your book! It was amazing! When’s the next one coming out?’

Question 4: What is the hardest part about being an author?

Trying to promote myself. Like most writers, I’m an introvert, and it’s difficult to try and sell. But I have to remember that I have a product worth promoting.

Question 5: How do you test out your stories? Or who do you test them on?

When I wrote The Heir I had a group of friends online who read it chapter by chapter. They have become my most ardent supporters, and they were the ones who encouraged me to try and get it published. I dedicate The Heir to them as a ‘thank you’.

Question 6: What writing genre do you like to do the most?

I enjoyed science fiction, but also historical books. And anything I read (or write) must have a hint of romance in it.

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Unknown assassins, a new world and forbidden romance = The Verindon Series

Unknown assassins, a new world and forbidden romance = The Verindon Series

The second book in the Verindon fantasy series, The Crown has just been released and you can win a copy!


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“Getting one book published is exciting. Two is way beyond that. And three is out of this world!”

So says author, Lynne Stringer. Lynne’s debut novel, The Heir, was published on 1st June 2013. The first book in the Verindon Trilogy, The Heir covered many bases, combining the young adult, science fiction and romance genres.

Now Lynne is looking forward to the release of the second book in the trilogy, The Crown, which is due out on 1st November.

The Crown follows on from The Heir’s story,” said Lynne. “It takes place about five months after the events in the first book.”

Lynne is looking forward to seeing the reaction The Crown will receive, especially considering the positive response that The Heir received.

The Heir has all five star reviews on Amazon,” she said, “And its rating on Goodreads is 4.31 out of five.”

Friends have also been positive about the book, even those who said that they weren’t into science fiction.

“I had a number of friends who read it just because I wrote it. They didn’t like that genre, but they’ve been amongst the most enthusiastic of all the readers.

“One friend who bought a copy of The Heir came up to me the next time I saw her, grabbed me by the shoulders, and said, ‘Where is The Crown?!’ She’s desperate to see what happens next!”

Lynne’s pleased that her fans won’t have to wait long until the third book in the series is out.

“I know that the people who love The Crown will be dying to get their hands on the last book, The Reign. Fortunately, they only have to wait until May next year. I assure everybody it will be worth the wait!”

Check out the book trailer:

Available from all good bookstores or buy online now. Verindon VIP Book pack also available: includes The Heir, The Crown and a free shirt!

For more information on the Verindon Trilogy visit www.verindon.com

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