ISBN: 978-1-921632-50-1

Release: 20 August 2014

Size: 203 by 133 mm

Price: $17.95

Written by: Lizbeth Klein

Carnivorous sunflowers with razor teeth. A river so turbulent no one's ever been known to survive the crossing. Dougray, Robbie and Belle hurtle into danger, pursued by unstoppable black wolves. The city of the healers offers warmth and welcome, and a respite from the ravages of the untaming. Or does it?

As Dougray and Robbie discover their parents may still be alive, they also uncover a dark truth about the healing sanctuary. Their headlong flight underground sends them ever deeper into adventure...

Greenheart of the Forest is the second volume in Lizbeth Klein's Bethloria fantasy series which began with the award-winning Firelight of Heaven.

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