Book packs for Grades 1 to 3

Buy two packs/sets or more and get a free copy of one of our Illustration Challenge books (automatically our newest release, Around Australia in 30 Places, unless you request one of the others) and can enter into the challenge. Find out more here.

Katrina Roe set: Relatable issues for all ages

DSC 0031



Marty's Nut-Free Party
Emily Eases Her Wheezes
Gemma Gets the Jitters


Animal book set: Awesome exploration of nature for Grades 1-2.



Puggle's Problem
Slowly! Slowly!
Marlo Can Fly

For the creative kids, singing, dancing and music

 harrisonfox annabel$70


Harrison's Song
Fox and Moonbeam

Annabel's Dance

Older challenging pack. (Picture books for age 7+)


Once: Exploring history for kids
Chandani and the Ghost of the Forest: Understanding real world issues
Mustara: A child's view of unique time in Austalia's history
Cloud Conductor: Reflecting on imagination in a time of illness.

Lively chapter books about overcoming challenges. 



Little Good Wolf
Nelly Jelly and the Magnificient Tree
Secret Science Society's Spectacular Experiment