thetaeanarynsecondeditionsmallFirst Edition ISBN: 978-1-921632-32-7
Second Edition ISBN: 978-1-921632-96-9

First Edition Release date: 1 April 2013
Second Edition Release date: 1 February 2014

Price: $14.99 

Size: 203 by 133 mm

Written by: Dr Joe Ireland

Is there more to life. How will I ever find it?
...a challenging fiction book for the young philosopher...

Kialessa is different. She has horns. She has a tail. She doesn't burn. With all this difference how would she find a way to fit in a world that doesn't seem to want her? On the other hand, perhaps being different is just what the world desperately needs...

The Tae'anaryn is a fantasy adventure about a little girl who is a lot different. The way she looks causes trouble for fitting in, even when she's granted a scholarship to study at the exclusive Kings College. 

But Kialessa uncovers a mysterious plot to destroy the King of Lenmer'el and that includes everything and everyone she cares about. What should she do?

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Distributed by Novella Distribution

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Reviews for The Tae'anaryn:

Santi: I loved the book of The Tae'anaryn!! It's the best book I've read so far in my life!! Dr. Joe I think you should make a sequel! (aged 11)

William: I really liked your book, The Tae'anaryn, and I hope you make a sequel to it as soon as possible. I also liked how you gave some advice about bullying. (aged 13)

Nathan: I loved your book The Tae'anaryn. The book excelled in storytelling and describing the characters. The book was excellent and I loved it. I hope you come to our school again to talk to us again.