Celebrating Pregnancy and Parenthood

Pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen?

Or working full time and getting ready for a baby between 1 and 2am?

Expecting, but not sure what to expect?

A wealth of knowledge is available from our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers, but sometimes life gets so busy the only spare minutes you have are when you can't sleep at 12am!

Unborn Beauty is an encouraging and inspiring book about pregnancy and early parenthood. It includes numerous stories and poems about preparing for birth the joys of motherhood and what to really expect.Therefore you can learn something when you read at 12am to relax, or find out what happened for someone else!

You get so much advice when you are pregnant, what to do, how to do it and where to go. This collection of experiences is just about sharing what we have, have felt and where we are. No advice just amusing anecdotes, stories and some beautiful artwork.

Unborn Beauty is a great gift for any new or expectant mother. Brand new book, get it now!

Authors include Ruth Bonetti, Lyn Hurry, Kylie Ladd, Andrew Lansdown, Fee Sievers, Debra Vinecombe, Marion Young, and many more! To find out more about the authors, who is in the book and other books they have published go to the links page.

Artwork by Sarah Rowan Dahl, Amelia Carson, David Woodford, Graham Preston and more.

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