ISBN: 9781925139136

Release Date: 1 August 2014

Price: $19.99

Written by: Michelle Worthington
Illustrated by: Sandra Temple


From the author and illustrator of The Bedtime Band, comes this Australian picture book about finding your place in the world.

Late at night on a rusty tin roof, just near an old mango tree, the possums compete in games of skill and daring.

Riley has always wanted to join in. He tries running, but he's not very fast. Then shot-put, but he can't throw the mangoes very far. Even volleyball isn't his thing – the watermelon ends up spattered on the sand when he tries to catch it.

With the mangoes all gone and the trophies awarded, Riley sadly climbs back up his tree and dreams of better days.
Until one particular noisy night, Riley discovers he has some amazing skills after all.

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Distributed by Novella Distribution

International rights handled by Australian Licensing Corporation.

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