General Submission Information

Wombat Books accepts unsolicited manuscripts for review to be considered for traditional publishing.

We have limited spaces for publication. We are looking for entertaining, original manuscripts that leave a lasting impression. We strongly recommend you have a read of our recent releases. It is important to demonstrate in your cover letter an understanding of the type of manuscripts we are interested in.

Before any submission please ensure you have looked at our other titles to see the style of books we publish. In your submission form you will be asked for the Wombat titles you have read.

To read some of our bestselling titles of 2017, purchase our "Bestseller Starter Pack" for new children's writers. We will be opening our picture book submissions again between February 20-28. You can get a peek into the sorts of stories and characters we look for at Wombat Books.

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Watch this video where Publisher Rochelle Manners gives examples of picture books we have published to help authors know what we are looking for in our submissions.

If you are interested in early readers, watch the following video where Publisher Rochelle Manners discusses what Wombat Books is looking for in early readers.

Please do not send us query letters. You must submit using our online form here.

Turn around time for manuscripts can be up to 9 months. We will respond.

Manuscript Formatting guidelines (For further formatting comments click here)

Please follow our guidelines carefully in order for us to be able to assess your manuscript. Your manuscript must be:

  • Typed (we recommend doc.x and PDF) 
  • 12 size font
  • Times New Roman
  • 1.5 to double spaced
  • Pages should be numbered
  • Include your name and address

Please note: all other formatting is at the discretion of the author and should be formatted for ease of reading.

Cover letter

Please demonstrate your understanding of the industry including any achievements or awards you have received, and any events you have presented at. If you have specific ideas on marketing for your book, you may include some of your plans in your submission.

Please investigate other titles similar to your own in the market to ensure your book is unique.

We are happy for you to include editor or assessor comments in the submission.


Please note that Wombat Books only accept manuscripts submitted digitally. We no longer accept submissions through email and mail channels.