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A Personal Note from Wombat Books Director

rochelle manners publisherI’ve been running Wombat Books for over ten years now.
Through that time, I have met so many wonderful people from the Australian author and illustrator community. Many different people have worked with us as we’ve grown—from new creatives, to bestselling and well-known creatives. Each has brought their energy and their talent to the publisher. I just love being around people in the publishing industry: those that love books.
I wanted to host the first and only Wombat Books Conference as a way to say thank you for ten years of books, support and Auslit. But also to create a collective think tank of our authors and illustrators to show how much we’ve learned, and how much we can learn from each other. Having a chance to give back to the writing community that has supported us is important to me.
I’m excited to meet emerging authors and illustrators in this professional development format, and hopefully share Wombat Books' ten years of knowledge with everyone. We’ve also got a stellar line up of industry greats, from award-winning Kate Forsyth, to local heroes like Aleesah Darlison and T.M. Clark, to illustration superstars like Giuseppe Poli and Renée Treml. It’s just so much talent jam-packed into this one day. Creatives teaching creatives; creatives meeting creatives; creatives learning from creatives.
I hope to see you there and please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to me on the day.

Yours sincerely,
Rochelle Manners
Director of Wombat Books

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