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Extra bonus for voting!

We would like to take the opportunity to assure children and families that voting is not the only criteria for whether their illustration will be published in the book. The judging panel will make their final say based on the skill level of the child ensuring the quality of the book is high.

The voting may influence placement and who gets priority where there are multiple entries for one page, however, we are hoping to be able to include the majority of children in the book in some way, even if that means children are asked to illustrate a different page or adjust their illustrations just like they would during a normal publishing process.

So all children's illustrations will be thoroughly considered by the judges for page placement.

We thank children and families for their response to the voting. We have decided to offer up to two extra prizes for children with high votes, separate to whether or not their illustrations are finalised in the pages of the book.

Out of the voting finalists we hope to choose children to give the following extra opportunity. Two children will receive a $100 Wombat Books voucher AND the opportunity to design the Ends Pages of the book. The ends pages are the inside front and back covers.


Don't forget voting closes on Friday, 28 November!

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