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Meet Our New APA Intern: Megan

Meg Run 2 Med72I have volunteered with the Brisbane Writers Festival for the last six years and love participating in the shared excitement of people who are passionate about books. My rescue greyhound Hamilton is named after the Broadway musical/American president, I like ice skating and watching ice hockey, and I love to bake but always seem to pick complicated foods, such as cupcakes that look like little burgers and Halloween cupcakes with eyeballs on top! I enjoy true crime stories and anything with strong women, and when I was young, I memorised The Owl Critic by James Thomas Fields (a humorous and very lyrical poem) because I loved the way it sounded.

What book sparked your interest in the publishing industry?

When I was in primary school, I read Which Witch? and The Secret of Platform 13 by Eva Ibbotson and as soon as I finished, I wanted to read it all over again. I loved the idea of being involved with creating books that delighted people (and still do: I re-read it last month!)

If you could meet any children’s author or illustrator, who would it be (yes, we can use a time machine)?

The author I'd love to meet would be Jon Klassen (the author of I Want my Hat Back and other hat-related books) or Gail Carson Levine (who wrote Ella Enchanted). Based on their books, both sound like delightful and engaging people who would have unique perspectives on the world. Plus, both of their stories have made me laugh out loud in public, so they'd definitely be entertaining!

You’re going to be assisting with the editorial department this internship. Are you an oxford-comma girl?

I am, but working in education has really dulled that impulse! The editorial change I dig my heels in about is 'that vs which'!

What exciting projects will you be working on when you’re interning at Wombat Books?

I'll be helping out with a couple of different projects at Wombat! One is a professional development conference for Wombat authors to learn from one another and another is a project aiming to align our published works with the school curriculum, to make sure our books support children's learning. Looking forward to the challenge!

What’s your current ‘bus read’? (i.e. what are you reading at the moment?)

Howl's Moving Castle, a Studio Ghibli production, is one of my favourite movies ever. I've just started the book it was based off, by Diana Wynne Jones and I am really pleased so far with how beautifully the movie represented this fabulous story!

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