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Meet Zoo Ball Challenge Winner: Brendan

Meet Brendan

brendanAge: 11

School: Camberwell Grammar School

Tell us a little bit about your illustration? At the start, I read the whole story a few times. While I was reading, the animal that particularly interested me was the penguins. So I decided to work on the two pages with penguins. I went on the internet to look at many different penguins photos and cartoon penguins which gave me inspiration to draw my penguins in a more funny and vivid way. I did many drafts to create each of my penguins with different actions and facial expressions in order to make them all unique. My illustration depicts the penguins trying really hard to catch the ball, so much that they do not notice that the pelican has scooped it up and flown away. I tried to make my drawing more interesting to match closely in line with the text.

 Why did you enter? Thank you very much to my school for letting me know about this illustration competition. I wanted to enter because it was in the holidays and it would give me something fun to do. Moreover, it meant that I might have a chance to have my illustration published. I felt so excited about it and I like drawing which made me want to brendanparticipate even more.

What are your interests? I enjoy drawing and playing Minecraft in my spare time. I also like footy and soccer. My favourite thing to do during holidays is going away. Reading, writing stories and sleeping are also my favourite activities.

Any final words? Finally, I want to say a big thank you for choosing my illustration and I can't wait for the book Zoo Ball to come out.

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