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Meet Zoo Ball Challenge Winner: Tayla

Meet Zoo Ball Challenge Winner: Tayla

Meet Tayla

Age: 12

School: All Saints Anglican School

What are your interests? My hobbies include art, running, playing guitar, singing and hanging with my friends.

Tell us a bit about your illustration? I drew this picture with watercolour pencils while looking through lots and lots of photos of cartoon animals where I got my inspiration. I started off with a rough sketch and spent many hours perfecting it. The thing that I liked about this competition was the interesting subject that we had to draw. The book uses lots of different animals and I loved using different variations of colour to brighten the picture.

Why did you enter? I entered this competition because I love art and especially drawing animals. I thought it would be a great opportunity to get a picture that I created printed into a fun and exciting book for children.

Any last words? I really look forward to seeing my picture in this amazing book. I feel privileged to be involved, so thank you.

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