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Meet Zoo Ball Cover Winner: Alyssa

Meet Zoo Ball Cover Winner: Alyssa
Meet Alyssa

Age: 14

School: Presbyterian Ladies' College

What are your interests? My hobbies include sketching animals, painting flowers and nature, drawing anime characters, playing the piano and oboe, playing tennis and baking desserts. I love going on holidays, hanging out with my family and friends, Japanese culture, Alaskan malamutes and huskies, home decor and funny stories.

Tell us a bit about your illustration? First I sketched out my idea which would complement the text. I wanted the upset zoo keeper to be in the centre of the page, with a few observers surrounding him and the monkeys in the background. I felt that a simple illustration would be more effective. After refining my sketch, I traced the outline using a black fine liner and coloured using watercolour paint.

Why did you enter? I chose to enter this competition because I thought that it would be very exciting and special to have my own illustration in a published book. The opportunity to contribute to a picture storybook does not come around often.

Alyssa has received the cover illustration award and will be offered the opportunity to complete the cover illustrator. Well done Alyssa.

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