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New Release: The Tae'anaryn and the Wizard's Apprentice

New Release: The Tae'anaryn and the Wizard's Apprentice

"Choice, set free."

The Tae'anaryn and the Wizard's apprentice – an unforgettable adventure.

Kidnapped and tormented by an evil archmage who wants them to learn to harness the power of evil, Kialessa and her part dragon friend Piex must find unexpected allies in their plans for escape. It's not the wicked goblins that worry them, or the troll infested swamp, or even the towering rot dragon that keeps them there, but a simple riddle. Will they ever be able to return to their king and college again?

The Tae'anaryn and the Wizard's Apprentice is a fantasy adventure, by Dr Joe Ireland, about a little girl who is a lot different. She and her best friend find themselves prisoners of a powerful wizard, who promises them freedom if they can best his most challenging riddle: what is evil? With friends and family praying for their freedom, desperate attempts to escape, and finding friends in the most unlikely of places, what will it take to find freedom in a place that embraces evil?

The book is already receiving great feedback from its young readers. Emily, an avid reader said, "Wonderful!" Vanessa, a gifted young reader, proclaimed it, "just as good as the first book, but with dragons!"

Author Dr Joe, a touring science education specialist, designed the book series 'The Tae'anaryn' to align with the ethics and humanities curriculum in Australia. The Wizard's Apprentice is intended to be a 'thinking' book that discusses challenging issues, set at the safe distance of a fantasy setting, and at the same time to be thoroughly engaging.

"This book is not only entertaining, it is helpful," says Dr Joe. "How do you deal with the challenges of being away from friends and family? How do we confront those who have much more power than us, and intend to use it to force us to make choices we don't want? How does one confront a challenging problem such as defining what you consider to be 'evil'?"

Dr Joe has a lifelong passion for philosophy, science, and fantasy, having written several academic papers for the international journals of science education, as well as award winning fantasy for the Dungeons & Dragons Living Greyhawk fantasy campaign setting. Dr Joe lives in Brisbane with his wife and three daughters.

The Tae'anaryn and the Wizard's Apprentice is available in all good bookstores or buy online now.

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