This blog focuses on our general submission guidelines. Next week we will be providing more information on specific lists that we will be seeking submissions for. So stay tuned!

Wombat Books accepts unsolicited manuscripts for review to be considered for traditional publishing. We have limited spaces for publication. We are looking for entertaining original manuscripts that leave a lasting impression. We are primarily looking at children's picture books at this time. We strongly recommend you have read our recent releases. It is important to demonstrate in your cover letter an understanding of the type of manuscripts we will be interested in.

Please do not send us query letters, either submit your manuscript using the POST or EMAIL process, as we generally do not respond to query letters. Is it vital you include a cover letter with your submission.

Turn around time for manuscripts is anywhere between 4 and 8 months.

Manuscript Formatting guidelines

Please follow our guidelines carefully in order for us to be able to assess your manuscript. Your manuscript must be:

Cover letter

Please demonstrate your understanding of the industry including any achievements or awards you have received or any events you have presented at. If you have specific ideas on marketing for your book please include some of your plans.

Please investigate other titles similar to your own in the market to ensure your book is unique.

We are happy for you to include editor or assessor comments in the submission.

Posted manuscripts

We request you include a PREPAID envelope that will fit your ENTIRE manuscript for return. Your submission will not be considered if you do not do this with postal submissions.

Post to:

Attention: The Children's Editor
Wombat Books
PO Box 1519
Capalaba QLD 4157

Emailed manuscripts

Manuscripts should be attached to the email. The cover letter and author details must be in the body of the email. No attachments will be opened if details are not given in the email. Email submissions will be invalid if this procedure is not followed. There should only be a single attachment for the manuscript. If you are submitting illustrations this way please enquire first. Attachments larger than 10MB will need prior approval and will be invalid unless an enquiry has been made first.

Email to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note: Our submissions email address is not monitored daily so ordering enquires or other enquires should not be directed to this email.