Australian Girl Dolls

To celebrate our Australian Girl Competition, you can get your own doll and receive a free copy of an Australian Girl book.


Meet Emily!

Welcome Emily in her Aussie colours, checked shirt and dirt-friendly pants, ready for her next outback adventure. Brush her beautiful hair and finish with her Akubra or slip on her thong sandals for playing on the back verandah underneath the gum trees (the thong sandals are supplied in the box in addition to her outdoor boots).


$159.95 Emily Doll + $15 Shipping


Meet Amy!

Join in Amy’s excitement. She is dressed for a special occasion. Her pink taffeta dress has a double-layer skirt with a tulle underlay. Brush her beautiful hair with its graceful curls that rest around her shoulders and down her back. Girls love to make necklaces and bangles for Amy with pretty pink beads and sparkles that match Amy’s up-to-the-minute party thong sandals. Also in the box are an extra pair of thong sandals for everyday wear.


$149.95 Amy Doll + $15 Shipping


Meet Matilda!

Meet Matilda who is dressed for fun! Her denim-and-floral-layered ruffle skirt is great for girls on the move and her striking red hair looks gorgeous with the purple scrunchy. If you look closely at her purple-and-white striped t-shirt, you will notice a special little gumnut applique! And check out those matching Ugg boots.

Matilda preview

$159.95 Matilda Doll + $15 Shipping


Meet Bronte!

Beautiful Bronte has big blue eyes! Always keen to swim and surf, Bronte wears her bathers and nippers cap. For ‘sun smart’ playtime on the beach, don’t forget her stylish straw hat and gorgeous pom-pom sarong. Like all of our Australian Girls, Bronte loves to skip around in her cool white thongs.

Bronte in sarong preview

$159.95 Bronte Doll + $15 Shipping



You may have noticed that we have some very adorable toys on sale with a number of our books. On this page you can buy them individually to enjoy.

Giraffe Stuffed Animal - 10"

Extra soft, cute and huggable, with special touches and fine details.

giraffe hugem

$18.95 + $3.00 Shipping


Huggers Giraffe - 8"

 This little stuffed giraffe is perfect for hugging.

hugger giraffe

$9.95 + $3.00 Shipping


Panda Bear Stuffed Animal - 10"

This adorable stuffed panda is black and white and cute all over.

panda hugem

$18.95 + $3.00 Shipping


Huggers Panda - 8"

This peaceful, pint-sized panda is perfect for hugs.

hugger panda

$9.95 + $3.00 Shipping


Brush Tail Possum Stuffed Animal - 7"

This cuddly brush tail possum needs a hug.


$9.95 + $3.00 Shipping


 Huggers Monkey - 8"

 You'll go bananas for this cute, little monkey stuffed animal.

hugger monkey

$9.95 + $3.00 Shipping

Lil Skydancer Stuffed Toy - 5"

This magical and huggable unicorn is just waiting for you to make a wish.

13702 xl

$9.95 + $3.00 Shipping