Wombat Books is partnering with Australian Girl Doll again to create a new series of early readers for children aged 6 to 9.

We are looking for 4 authors to create new, fun, adventurous and authentically Australian stories revolving around the characters in the Australian Girl series.



Use our submissions link on this page.

You must include:

    1. Name and contact details
    2. Title: Australian Girl Series Submission [Insert name of main Australian Girl character here]
    3. The first two chapters
    4. A synopsis
    5. A cover letter detailing what you love about the Australian Girl Dolls


You must be familiar with the characters from the Australian Girl Doll website. Stories should explore day-to-day adventures in the city or outback; should be uniquely Australian; and can include environmental, sustainability or other relevant issues in the plot. Please read our previous books before submitting.

PLEASE NOTE: Stories should not go back in time or use the rainbow necklace as a plot device.

Authors will be shortlisted from their first submission and then asked to write the rest of the story based on our editorial feedback. From here, accepted authors will be offered a contract. The full work will be approximately 6000-8000 words.

All authors who are offered a contract will get a traditional publishing agreement and an initial advance.

Submissions close 30 November 2018. Applicants will be notified early 2019.



Kids can get in on the fun as well! We're running an Australian Girl Short Story Competition here.



What do you mean by ‘authentically Australian’ stories? 

We want stories that celebrate Australia, its environment and its multicultural population. Each character has a different idea of what it means to be Australian. We celebrate all ways of life and look forward to reading submissions that shine light on different Australian identities. 

You can read more about the girls’ backgrounds on our blog.

Why are you not using the rainbow necklace?

This should be considered as a completely new series. No plot devices from the previous series should be used.  The previously published books provide a good knowledge of the characters, but the new stories do not need to follow the same model.

Can new magical devices be used?

Of course. Remember you only need to submit 2 chapters and a synopsis. We will be looking for original ideas that are authentically Australian. 

Does the whole story have to be written before I submit?

No. You should only submit 2 chapters with a synopsis. We will give guidance on how to develop the rest of the story from the initial idea.

What do you mean by ‘initial advance’? 

Our advances will be calculated on ASA based royalties. The royalties for these books will be split between author, the licensor and illustrator. If your submission is selected, you will be offered a contract. You are permitted to reject the contract if you are not happy with the offer.  Advances will be based on print run, sales plans and will be offered before author writes the full story.



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