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The Secret Science Society's Experiment Series: Bending Water

Mona likes to moan. facebook bendWater
Kiki is a worry-wart.
Bart loves following rules.
And Zane HATES following rules.

When the four of them are put into The Secret Science Society together, this could only mean one thing: DISASTER!

Now you can join the Secret Science Society too! We have a fun experiment that you can try at home. 

What you need:

  • A water tap
  • A plastic comb
  • A head of hair!

Firstly, we have to do a control test so we can see what happens with a normal comb. I know you’re probably bored by this part, like Zane, but control tests are very important for experiments says Bart! Run the tap so that a very thin stream of water is flowing straight down, then move the comb close to the water (but make sure it doesn't get wet!).

Does anything happen?

Next, we can begin the real experiment! Brush your hair with the comb at least ten times, then move it slowly towards the thin stream of water (but make sure it doesn't get wet again!).

CH7aDoes anything happen? Yes!

So how does it all work? Brushing your hair with the plastic comb collects electrons from your hair. Electrons have a negative charge. When you move the comb close to the running water, it is attracted to the water because that has a positive charge. Negative and positive charges are how magnets work.

In this experiment the attraction is not strong enough to move your hand, but it does pull the water toward the comb. Try to find some other small items around the house to test the comb on now. Zane is already looking in his grandpas's workshop!

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