Jemima is a Sydney-based artist and illustrator who enjoys riding her bicycle. Like many illustrators, she was born holding a pencil and uses it frequently to bring words to life.

She decided to make a career out of her passion, and in 2012, after five years at the College of Fine Arts and the University of NSW, she emerged with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (with honours), a Bachelor of Arts (a combined degree) and the ability to converse in French.

Same by Katrina Roe was her first picture book with Wombat Books. Prior to this, Jemima illustrated Wonderfully Madison (2013) - winner of the children's book category in the Caleb awards) and Fearlessly Madison (2014). She is also the illustrator of the short comic, A Friend in Need, by Karen Bielharz (part of the Kinds of Blue anthology, 2011) and is the linework artist for the short animation Money Tree (2011).